what should i wear?

I am happy to offer a complimentary styling service that all of my clients have access to. You will receive a code, fill out a questionnaire, select items that you like, and then have the option to purchase the clothes directly from the retailers. You don’t have to purchase any or everything that you like, but it is a great tool to add to clothing that you already own and love.  

Also, if you feel like getting wet at a beach or other water location, don’t forget to bring extra clothes!  


where do we go for photo sessions?

In our pre-shoot consultation, through email we will discuss outdoor ideas.  I have a list of great beach locations throughout Maui.  Even though the beach is a popular backdrop, I am willing to help you find the right location for your ideal photo experience.  If you are envisioning a jungle location, fresh water, or a mountain scene, just say the words and I am willing to make it happen.  I am located on the westside of Maui and regularly shoot from Ukumehame to Kapalua. There is a $50 travel fee for north, south and central locations. Maui is such a beautiful backdrop, but you will be the main focus. 


why do you shoot morning and sunset?

Morning and sunset provide the best natural light and the most flattering light.  We will most likely meet 2 hours after sunrise or 2 hours before the sun sets.  I do not use any flash.  I believe in providing a more organic look when capturing images.  


what if my kids are uncooperative?

I have three kids myself and completely understand if children don’t feel like posing.  Some of my best photos are of children doing their own thing.  Exploring and play make for great candid shots.  It may take a some extra time, but they are only little once. Be sure that your child is well rested, changed, and fed before our time together.


how far along should i be for a maternity session?

I recommend being anywhere from 30 to 36 weeks pregnant. During this time in your pregnancy you are especially glowing and have excellent energy.  You also have the fullness of beautiful pregnancy curves.  This is such a special time to document in your life.


what if the weather is bad?

Maui is so versatile.  We can always relocate to somewhere nearby.  More often than not, it could be dry and sunny a five or ten minute drive from our original location.  Rain also brings rainbows, and clouds add beautiful depth to photos!  If its storming islandwide and necessary to reschedule, we will.


when and how will i receive my photos?

Photos will be available 7-14 days after your photo session.  I personally hand pick and edit every photo to ensure the best quality.  You will receive a pin protected online gallery via email with unlimited high resolution digital downloads.  You will also have the opportunity to order prints and albums "a la carte" at a professional photo lab.  I highly recommend getting your photos printed.