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Maui Photographer Personal 52 Week Project

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I have decided to do a 52 week photography challenge.

Now that the holidays have gone and the new year is upon us, my busy-ness has subsided a bit. I really love photography, but in the hustle of the Christmas season, photographing just for sheer pleasure and not for money took a back burner. With this 52 week challenge, I hope to hone in on my style and craft a bit more.


I sometimes feel like I’m all over the place.

Maui lifestyle photographer

What is a 52 week project?

A 52 week project is basically a program of weekly photo exercises that help you to flex you photo muscle. I thought that maybe I would just make it a point to take out my “real” camera at least once a week, extracurricularly. I was hoping to just go where the wind blows me and shoot whatever is going on when I have my camera out. I think that’s a great start, but I need to challenge myself even more. I decided to join up with a little community on instagram called P52 Clicks.

P52 Clicks does 12 monthly themes, 12 techniques and 1 photo a week. Another common 52 week project is done by taking a numbered list of items and shooting those once a week. For example, the theme could be green, minimal, bokeh, close up, sun flare, home, etc.

maui beach phots

Fifty-two items or techniques to interpret the way that I see them.

Fifty-two opportunities to grow in my photography.

maui family dirtbike day
Maui Beach Photography
Maui lifestyle photography

January’s theme is low light. The photo below was shot last week.

I found the girls cuddling on the kitchen floor as the morning sun was just coming up. It was pouring rain out, which made for an even lower low light. Thankfully, my camera was near by!

Maui lifestyle indoor photography

girls just want to have fun

Maui Lifestyle Photographer


This new year brings an ever-growing desire for me to challenge myself a little bit more. I want to take more photos of my family, myself included.

I see self portraits in my future. Yikes!

I see me keeping my camera close by more often than not.

I see me documenting and capturing my simple day to day life on a regular basis.

I see me stretching my boundaries as a photographer and finding my true voice.

My little lady loves happened to be playing next to me as I was doing some computer work. My camera was only an arms reach away, so I took advantage of the opportunity.

maui lifestyle photographer

Right after the above photos were shot, our little neighborhood friend gave my daughters a kids makeup set that she wasn't using anymore. It was the perfect time to pick up my camera again and let things happen organically. I think the below sequence is simply adorable. It’s 100% documentary style.

Here’s to my first personal blog and challenge of 2019!

dirt bikes in black and white

Summer is more than half way through.  With the busyness of life and time spent with my kids I haven't posted in a while.  I figured I would pop on real quick and share some photos I snapped of fun we had this past weekend.  

Somebody got a new bike and he was ready to break it in.  We took the family (and a couple extras) to a new kid friendly riding spot.  It was hot and dusty, but that didn't keep us from having a little fun.

My cute niece.

The look on her face says it all!

The look on her face says it all!


I think this face confirms that he really likes his new bike.


East Maui is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world.  I have so many memories spanning my child hood to adult life there.  So many adventures.  I love old buildings and its fun to try to imagine what they were like in their prime.  One gem that has my mind wondering is Huialoha Church.  Huialoha Church is weathered by the elements, set on the rocky seaside of Kaupo.   It is over 150 years old, but still as beautiful as ever.  

Huialoha Church
A gathering of aloha.